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Sports center Lucko offers a variety of sports and recreation facilities on it’s 20,000 square meters , and above all a great atmosphere for all ages.

Sports Center Lučko offers

Sports activities:

  • Outdoor Courts with artificial grass
  • Sports hall - modern gymnastics hall
  • Gym
  • Group Programs (Aerobic, Zumba, Yoga)
  • Dressing rooms

Caffe bar "SC Caffe"

  • Events
  • Promotions


An open view to the playground from SC Cafe Bar.

Conference RoomConference Room

As part of sports center is a modern hall for presentations and meetings.

Parking lotsParking lots

Free parking for all our visitors.

Fitness center is located on two floors spreading on spacious area of 250 square meters. Comfortable environment, air-conditioned space and professional staff are always at your disposal providing pleasant stay and exercise for every customer. Fitness center has the topmost exercise equipment and various props which ensure maximum quality of training.

  • Gym on two floors - 250 square meters
  • Air conditioning
  • Instructor available
  • Cardio exercise equipment - treadmill, exercise bike, orbitreks, stepper
  • Dressing rooms with showers

After several years of hosting various sports events, we are turning a new page and becoming the most important point of gymnastic training and competitions in the City of Zagreb!

Special thanks are due to the croatian gymnasts Mario Možnik and Tin Srbić, their trainer Tigran Gorički, the ITsport company that furnished the hall, and the City of Zagreb, which supported the project.

We also thank all our past customers for using our services and invite them to follow new gymnastics events at our center.