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Sports & Recreation

Fitness center is located on two floors spreading on spacious and airy area of 250 square meters. Comfortable environment, air-conditioned space and professional staff are always at your disposal providing pleasant stay and exercise for every customer. Center has the topmost exercise equipment and various props which ensure maximum quality of training.
  • Gym on two floors - 250 square meters
  • Air conditioning
  • Instructor available
  • Cardio exercise equipment - treadmill, exercise bike, orbitrek, stepper
  • Dressing rooms with showers
Vanjski tereni - SC Lučko

The terrain is packed with Belgian grass, made of three-dimensional fiber of the latest generation of artificial grass Desso Sports Systems, extraordinary durability.

Court dimension 102x64 meters, it can be separated to:

  • Two courts with dimensions 40×20 meters (5+1)
  • One court with dimension 50×30 meters (5+1 or more)
Sportska dvorana SC Lučko

Air-conditioned and heated gym, with court dimensions 40x20 meters (5+1) with elastic sports parquet floors from Canadian maple of highest quality and protective wall coating provides optimal and safe conditions for indoor sports; basketball, handball and futsal.

  • Modern and spacious locker rooms with toilets and heated floors
  • Marker shirts for the team
  • Soft wall protective coating